Today’s Faster ever-made PC in the world?

Recently, I was browsing to the Internet and google “fastest PC” and got to a site called “Michael’s SuperComputers” @ They said it outperforms it’s nearest competition 12X faster than Apple’s G5 Dual 2.5GHz.

According to the site, the computer is horsepowered with Pentium4 3.6 GHz Extreme edition (I wonder how much this processor cost? In Apr-Jun 2004, I checked the price some online stores it was above $1000 bucks!). The other thing is that they say it uses SATA-X Hyperdrives. I never hear about this SATA-X, but I guess it’s a modification of SATA, or the next version of SATA.

For multimedia outputs, they use the top-end VGA card either from NVidia 6800 Ultra or ATI X800E 256 MB and SoundBlaster’s Platinum Audigy ZX soundcard for the audio.

I doubt it is the fastest PC now as it lacks PCI-X slots, no information about Firewire2 (800+ Mbps transfer rate), support for dual or multi-core processor (a processor with dual/multiprocessor on single die, which I believe it will be faster than current processor) but you better check it out.


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