Quantum Computing

Interesting articel!. As it says, the future computer will not be based on tiny semiconductor gates, but will be using atoms’ spins as its logic. It forecasts that around year 2030, the width of a single wire in a microprocessor will reach the width of single atom and this is the limit, if scientists do not find other ways for computer technologies.

Computers built using this physics of quantum mechanics will be 1 BILLION faster than a Pentium-III PC. So for applications such as decryptography (cracking up secured code) can be made in minutes instead of months or years. Amazing!

In August 2000, researchers at IBM-Almaden Research Center developed what they claimed was the most advanced quantum computer developed to date. The 5-qubit quantum computer was designed to allow the nuclei of five fluorine atoms to interact with each other as qubits, be programmed by radio frequency pulses and be detected by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) instruments similar to those used in hospitals (see How Magnetic Resonance Imaging Works for details). Led by Dr. Isaac Chuang, the IBM team was able to solve in one step a mathematical problem that would take conventional computers repeated cycles. The problem, called order-finding, involves finding the period of a particular function, a typical aspect of many mathematical problems involved in cryptography.

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