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Mathematical Advances Strengthen IT Security

European Science Foundation (05/11/09) Valleley, Sofia A new cryptography approach based on the mathematical theory of elliptic curves is considered a leading candidate to replace the widely used RSA public key security system. Elliptic curves could enable more efficient cryptography … Continue reading

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Various Embedded Systems

Sony Clie NX80V PDA (running Palm OS)The NX80V runs Palm OS 5.0 and has a 200 MHz XScale processor. It has 32 megs of RAM, 15.5 of which is available to the user. AT&T HTC 8125 SmartPhone Processor: 200 MHz … Continue reading

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Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach

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Branch Prediction Algorithm

#include <stdio.h>#include <stdlib.h>#include <math.h>/******************************************************************************Branch Prediction Simulator(c) M. Lutfi, 2009 ******************************************************************************/#define ROW_MAJOR_ADDR(A, r, c, n) ((A) + (r)*(n) + (c))typedef enum { not_taken = 0, taken} branch_t;typedef enum { strongly_not_taken = 0, weakly_not_taken, weakly_taken, strongly_taken} branch_state_t;typedef struct { unsigned int correctPredictionCount; … Continue reading

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ARM EABI Environment

To develop Linux system with TI 35xx as a target, we need to have the toolchains, build-essential root filesystem and Linux kernel. Here are the links for some useful packages: GNU:

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