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The Saser is like a laser, but for sound

It was an idea born out of curiosity in the physics lab, but now a new type of ‘laser’ for generating ultra-high frequency sound waves instead of light has taken a major step towards becoming a unique and highly useful … Continue reading

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Light sensor breakthrough could enhance digital cameras

New research by a team of Univ. of Toronto scientists could lead to substantial advancements in the performance of a variety of electronic devices including digital cameras. Researchers created a light sensor—like a pixel in a digital camera—that benefits from … Continue reading

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Embedded System Design Magazines

April 2009:

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NASA Tech Briefs Magazine – June 2009

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TrendNet Wifi on Beagleboard running Angstrom Linux

By default after every boot-up, Angstrom runs wpa_supplicant daemon which tries to use WPA instead of WEP regardless of configuration in /etc/network/interfaces, hence prevent us to use WEP as wifi encryption. We need to kill this daemon by executing: root@beagleboard:~# … Continue reading

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What is the best mobile Operating system?

Duh….smartphone environment is getting more crowded with more and more new operating systems. From Microsoft Windows Mobile, Blackberry O/S, Symbian, iPhone’s OS, Google’s Android and now Palm’s WebOS. Which one is the best from the following criterias? UI experiences (reponsiveness, … Continue reading

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