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Single Board Computer for Internet of Things now are getting more popular since Raspberry Pi.  Now we can see even 64-bit SBC with less than $40 price tag! Following is the list of SBCs I can think of: Brand Model … Continue reading

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ISC DHCP Server configuration

Subnet <subnet addr> netmask <subnet mask> { <subnet declarations> } The subnet declarations: Range <first avail addr> <last available addr> Option <opt name> <opt Value> option subnet-mask <mask> option domain-name-servers <comma-Separated dns server addrs> Default-lease-time <time> Max-lease-time <time> Min-lease-time <time>

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Arduino 828p Pro Mini

I bought this small board Arduino Mini (the right board, not the left board which is just a power regulator) from eBay from China for less than $2 plus S/H.  The bareboard has SMD version of Atmel AVR 828p, a … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi vs. Next-Big-Thing’s CHIP SoC Computer

Feature RPI 1 Model A RPI 1 Model B RPI 1 Model A+ RPI 1 Model B+ RPI 2ModelB NBT CHIP SoC BRCM 2835 BRCM 2835 BRCM 2835 BRCM 2835 AllWinner’s R8 Standard SoC Speed (MHz) 700 700 700 700 … Continue reading

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wxWidgets 3.0

To add the repository, first import the key: sudo apt-key adv –fetch-keys   Then add the source: sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/wxwidgets.listdeb $(lsb_release -sc) universesudo apt-get update Install wxWidgets modules: sudo apt-get install libwxbase3.0-0-unofficial libwxbase3.0-dbg libwxbase3.0-dev libwxgtk3.0-0-unofficial libwxgtk3.0-dbg wx3.0-doc wx3.0-examples … Continue reading

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OpenFrameworks: Another cool Multi-platform Framework for Graphics

Steps to download and build OpenFrameWorks: git clone goto the OF root.  This is usually the folder openFrameworks.  Change directory to ./scripts/linux/ubuntu (e.g: cd openFrameworks/scripts/linux/ubuntu) Execute the scripts in the folder as root: sudo ./ sudo ./ Go to … Continue reading

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Watching Nabawi-TV via VLC on Raspberry Pi

A new Indonesian da’wah TV has provided a streaming. To watch, install vlc.  Once installed, open the VLC, click “Media”, and then “Open Network Stream”.  Enter: rtsp://

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Script to simulate multiple DHCP clients

#!/bin/sh #simulate 255 IPhones requesting DHCP     # Apple OUI = D8:96:95 BASE=”d8:96:95:08:96″ FROM=$1 shift TO=$2   if [ -e $FROM ]; then FROM=1; fi if [ -e $TO ]; then TO=1; fi   for i in `seq $FROM … Continue reading

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Daily backup of local git changes

While working on a ticket and not ready to commit, it’s a good idea to backup all of our changes to an archive file. The following script does all that and executed daily by cronjob automatically. create a file, say … Continue reading

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Block Access during certain period using EBTABLES

Say, we want to block any packets coming from a device with mac address 00:01:02:03:04:05 (in other words, our router/switch should just silently drop any packets coming from this MAC address) during period of time 00:00 (00:00 AM) to 6:00 … Continue reading

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