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SPI on Arduino Nano v3.0

IC Package: 32 pin MLF ArduinoPin # ATMEL 328P (MLF) pin# ATMEL 328P(PDIP) pin# Label Function D10 14 16 PB2 SS* D11 15 17 PB3 MOSI D12 16 18 PB4 MISO D13 17 19 PB5 SCK The problem is, according to … Continue reading

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Arduino Nano v3.0 with avr-dude

My order of two Arduino Nano-compatible v3.0 from eBay (shipped from China) just arrived. Also bought the USBASP USBISP AVR Programmer from eBay (about $3.0, from China too, see the picture on the left). The good thing about this USBISP … Continue reading

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MSP430 or PIC?

After sometime using LaunchPad, I was ready to buid my own board utilizing some msp430g2211 on breakout boards laying around on my workbench.  I was going to use the JTAG pins available to program them, but bumped with the overpriced … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi Rev 2.0 Pin headers

Got my new Raspberry Pi mode-B rev 2.0 yesterday.  After looking around the info about some new unpopulated through holes on it, finally I got all the info.  Here’s the summary: Silkscreen label: P2 It is a 1×8-pin connection for … Continue reading

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My SMT Soldering result

Using X-Tronic hot air iron station, I was able to solder some ssop ICs (mostly the tiny ms430 microcontrollers) to their breakout pcb. The ICs are free samples from Texas Instrements. Not bad for such small devices. Look professional to … Continue reading

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My new Workbench is ready

Finally, the SMT Soldering station “X-TRONIC 9020” I ordered from Amazon has arrived.  I did quick test on both hot air iron and the regular soldering iron.  Both now work fine.

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New workbench for SMT works

My workbench (modification is still ongoing…waiting for the SMT solder tool to come.  My new multi-meter is not yet shown there). Oscilloscope: 100 MHz Tektronix 2232 (spec) (bought it from eBay)Digital Analyzer (bottom left): Tektronix 1241 (bought it from eBay)Multi-meter: UT61C … Continue reading

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Beckman 792 *** 661-1-R1K

It’s a resistor array, each contains 1k resistor. The connection is: Pin 16: commonPin 1-15: individual resistor, each 1 kilo ohm.

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Roku 2 XS Internals

List of the chips inside: BCM 59002 From Broadcom: Mobile Power Management Unit SMC LAN 9512: Hi Speed USB 2.0 Hub and Ethernet controller AKM 4430 ET: 3.3volt 2 bit Stereo Audio digital audio converter BCM 4336 (inside the metal … Continue reading

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TrendNet Wifi on Beagleboard running Angstrom Linux

By default after every boot-up, Angstrom runs wpa_supplicant daemon which tries to use WPA instead of WEP regardless of configuration in /etc/network/interfaces, hence prevent us to use WEP as wifi encryption. We need to kill this daemon by executing: root@beagleboard:~# … Continue reading

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