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SPI on Arduino Nano v3.0

IC Package: 32 pin MLF ArduinoPin # ATMEL 328P (MLF) pin# ATMEL 328P(PDIP) pin# Label Function D10 14 16 PB2 SS* D11 15 17 PB3 MOSI D12 16 18 PB4 MISO D13 17 19 PB5 SCK The problem is, according to … Continue reading

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Arduino Nano v3.0 with avr-dude

My order of two Arduino Nano-compatible v3.0 from eBay (shipped from China) just arrived. Also bought the USBASP USBISP AVR Programmer from eBay (about $3.0, from China too, see the picture on the left). The good thing about this USBISP … Continue reading

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MSP430 or PIC?

After sometime using LaunchPad, I was ready to buid my own board utilizing some msp430g2211 on breakout boards laying around on my workbench.  I was going to use the JTAG pins available to program them, but bumped with the overpriced … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi Rev 2.0 Pin headers

Got my new Raspberry Pi mode-B rev 2.0 yesterday.  After looking around the info about some new unpopulated through holes on it, finally I got all the info.  Here’s the summary: Silkscreen label: P2 It is a 1×8-pin connection for … Continue reading

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