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Raspberry Pi vs. Next-Big-Thing’s CHIP SoC Computer

Feature RPI 1 Model A RPI 1 Model B RPI 1 Model A+ RPI 1 Model B+ RPI 2ModelB NBT CHIP SoC BRCM 2835 BRCM 2835 BRCM 2835 BRCM 2835 AllWinner’s R8 Standard SoC Speed (MHz) 700 700 700 700 … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi 2

Got this New Raspberry Pi 2 I ordered a few weeks ago.  It’s significantly faster than the first version.  I only wish it had USB 3.0 ports so I can have much bigger and faster storage.

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How to mount disk used by ReadyNAS

The following steps are useful if we want to salvage data stored in the drive in ReadyNAS.I am not sure if the steps below are going to work on other ReadyNAS models, but it works on my ReadyNAS Duo (Sparc … Continue reading

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Why we need to migrate to IPv6 sooner

The test result above was done using DOCSIS 3.0 modem, XFinity Blast and thru 5 MHz Wi-Fi (802.11n).See how IPv6 improves the download speed more than 3 times of IPv4 in download test? I think of the reason is that … Continue reading

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AT&T U-Verse vs. Comcast Xfinity

Technology used U-Verse: FTTN (Fiber-to-the Node) and VDSLComcast: DOCSIS (DataOver Cable Service Interface Specification) and HFC Diagram CMTS = Cable Modem Termination System  (usually at curbside of a neighborhood serving house) VRAD = Video-Ready Access Device (usually at curbside of … Continue reading

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Distance Measurement

Last week my order of ultrasonic ranging device arrived.  With excitement I connected it to my Pic18 protoboard.  With my existing code framework I added driver to access this thing and display it to LCD (as well as logging it … Continue reading

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MSP430 or PIC?

After sometime using LaunchPad, I was ready to buid my own board utilizing some msp430g2211 on breakout boards laying around on my workbench.  I was going to use the JTAG pins available to program them, but bumped with the overpriced … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi Rev 2.0 Pin headers

Got my new Raspberry Pi mode-B rev 2.0 yesterday.  After looking around the info about some new unpopulated through holes on it, finally I got all the info.  Here’s the summary: Silkscreen label: P2 It is a 1×8-pin connection for … Continue reading

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Reverse Engineer USB protocol of Canon 4200F (part 1)

So far, there is no Linux driver support available for Canon Scanner 4200F, albeit with the latest and greatest kernel.  Blame the problem to Canon who doesn’t want to support Linux community. With the spirit of hacking, I now try … Continue reading

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How to set root password on ReadyNAS

Recently I have forgotten my ReadyNAS password.  Even worse, I couldn’t login at all due reckless upgrade I did on the box.  I was able to undo the upgrade by letting the box recopies the Linux from its firmware to … Continue reading

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