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Arduino 828p Pro Mini

I bought this small board Arduino Mini (the right board, not the left board which is just a power regulator) from eBay from China for less than $2 plus S/H.  The bareboard has SMD version of Atmel AVR 828p, a … Continue reading

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Create Delay using Number of Cycles in PIC MCU

Most of the delay code available on the Internet for PIC is based on real time delay.  The problem with this approach is that it’s hardcoded for certain clock frequency only.  When we use the code for different frequency clock, … Continue reading

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MSP430 or PIC?

After sometime using LaunchPad, I was ready to buid my own board utilizing some msp430g2211 on breakout boards laying around on my workbench.  I was going to use the JTAG pins available to program them, but bumped with the overpriced … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi Rev 2.0 Pin headers

Got my new Raspberry Pi mode-B rev 2.0 yesterday.  After looking around the info about some new unpopulated through holes on it, finally I got all the info.  Here’s the summary: Silkscreen label: P2 It is a 1×8-pin connection for … Continue reading

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My SMT Soldering result

Using X-Tronic hot air iron station, I was able to solder some ssop ICs (mostly the tiny ms430 microcontrollers) to their breakout pcb. The ICs are free samples from Texas Instrements. Not bad for such small devices. Look professional to … Continue reading

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